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Welcome! - London by Gaslight....whatever you are...

About Welcome!

Welcome! Aug. 20th, 2006 @ 09:45 am Next Entry
Welcome to London By Gaslight
The World of Darkness set in the Victorian Era

Imagine a world of amazing discoveries, science & knowledge
a world of fantastic machines, inventions and wonderous marvels

all shrouded in darkness, mystery, intrigue, lies, deceit
and a struggle for power

London by Gaslight is a place for all creatures of the World of Darkness

......whatever you are

wod_by_gaslight is a community set up for players of my Gaslight WOD game
either via email or tabletop.
Lots of information on London of the time, titbits and teasers appear on this site.
Although anyone is welcome to read it, members only are allowed to post.  Membership will only be given to players.

Current Location: Misty London
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